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    Award Management Software - Helping organizations around the world simplify and manage their Awards, Fellowships, Scholarships & Grants programs.

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    Digital Marketing Services - Building brand awareness through digital strategies that are right for your organization, from social media and paid advertising to search engine optimization

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About RhythmQ

RhythmQ helps organizations simplify their awards, fellowship, grant and scholarship programs by providing an online solution, RQ Awards,  that meets the needs of any client. 

Our Digital Marketing Services can assist in broadening your brand or program awareness with tools like social media, email marketing and online advertising.

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Industry Partner and Member of the American Society of Association Executives

RQ Awards Management Software

RQ Awards  is our cloud-based Award Management System that provides easy, reliable and secure automation of Awards, Fellowships, Scholarships and Grants (or any other form) from application submission to judging and administration. We help organizations around the world streamline and simplify their manual award processes. Combined with our digital marketing experience, we also assist with broadening awareness to outreach groups through social media and email marketing.We understand the challenges it takes to run a successful submission program. From Applications and Nominations, to Disclosure Forms and Letters of Intent, RQ Awards Management System can be used for any kind of form submission program followed by a Review and Selection process, no matter how simple or complex.




RQ Digital Marketing Services

From social media to Facebook and Google ads, we will create and execute a digital marketing strategy that will increase your online presence.


Websites and SEO
  • Your website is the hub of your marketing mix. SEO is a vital part of your website but there's a lot more that can be done to increase your online presence.
Social Media Presence
  • Almost every businesse or program needs a social media presence and a plan is crucial. In today’s digital world, if you don't have one, your competition does.
Social Media ADvertising
  • Social media advertising is a less expensive way to promote your business and promote content. Your message will be seen by the right audience.
Google Advertising
  • Leveraging Google Ads to reach your target audience in innovative ways can often be more effective and cost-efficient than traditional advertising media.
Email Marketing
  • Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience and build customer relationships. We help plan a strategy to build your list.
Analyze & Optimize
  • Measuring your marketing efforts is key to the success of your initiatives. We provide the insights and adjust your marketing plan accordingly.

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