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RhythmQ helps organizations simplify their awards and fellowship programs by providing an online solution that meets the exact needs of any client.  Our digital outreach services can assist in  enhancing your program publicity with tools like email marketing and social media, while capturing the effectiveness of your program information dissemination.

Industry Partner and Member of
Industry Partner and Member of the American Society of Association Executives


RQ Awards is our cloud-based Award Management System that provides easy, reliable and secure automation of Awards, Fellowships, Scholarships and Grants from application submission to judging and administration. We help organizations around the world streamline and simplify their manual award processes. Combined with our digital marketing experience, we also assist with broadening awareness to outreach groups through social media and email marketing.


Our Integrated DIGITAL OUTREACH Services


Your website is a vital part of your marketing mix. SEO is a vital part of your website. We ensure that they go hand in hand to make your marketing efforts effective.


Utilizing email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience and build customer relationships.


Organizations use social media channels to learn about new programs and engage with influencers.  We can help you connect with your audience and learn about your customers.


We take the time to understand your business and develop a mobile app tailored to your needs. Challenge us with your biggest idea.


A contest enables you to engage your audience and boost your marketing message when combined with social media. We'll help you build a successful campaign.


Key performance indicators are an important measure of how your digital outreach efforts are doing and we ensure that you are getting the insights to help you make good marketing decisions.


  • We achieved the impossible task of having an online system for all our awards in less than 4 weeks. Team effort, a great system and top notch support together made this happen.


  • As a business owner, it can be difficult to find people with whom you can discuss your business, it's goals and challenges. When I initially partnered with RhythmQ, it was with the intention of increasing my social media presence. However, what I received was much more.

  • RhythmQ came up with a digital marketing plan for our new product launch and website that helped us raise awareness, build trust and engage with our new customers and prospects.


  • We worked with RhythmQ to launch our Nomination and Review process for our three annual Awards using RQ Awards. We were able to launch the program quickly and their email marketing expertise helped us focus on the areas that we needed to reach out to first. We have used RQ Awards to smoothly run our program for the last eight years.


  • Thank you giving us an award system that we can feel proud of.


  • We achieved the impossible task of having an online system for all our awards in less than 4 weeks. Team effort, a great system and top notch support together made this happen.


  • RhythmQ helped put in place an amazing customer outreach and awareness marketing campaign resulting in over 4 times our benchmarked results.


  • Thank you for making it easier for our reviewers. The process couldn’t have been much simpler.


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